Core Cutter System


“The Original Core-Cutter System can give you a full body workout, which can get you the results you want!”

The Core Cutter System is an integral part of this Martial Arts program. Improved flexibility, cardio, strength and conditioning. This core conditioning system is very effective and you will feel the results. CrossFitter’s would benefit adding this training to their schedule.

  1.  What is the Original Core-Cutter System?

 The Core-Cutter System is a fun, full body workout which takes the joints through their full range of motion. Develop flexibility, strength and metabolic conditioning by following the endless number of exercises. This system was invented and developed by a trainer of UFC veterans, Lynn W. Schutz.  “I had been training UFC fighters for many years, and know how to get them in fighting condition. I was always looking for something which was easy to use and developed real core power.  After experimenting with many designs and ideas, I invented the Core-Cutter. Then I put a system together so that people could get results by following my online instructional programs(Coming Soon). The Core-Cutter workout will strengthen and build joint integrity. The applications are endless, from rehabilitation of injuries, to total physical fitness for all ages!”

The system begins by taking you through a series of balanced warm-up stretches which wake up your spine and get blood flowing. All of these exercises expand your range of motion in 360 degrees. The system takes you through joint and muscle strengthening exercises, then on to a core workout, as well as metabolic conditioning. Regardless of your chosen sport, the Core-Cutter System has something for everyone. The Core-Cutter is very simple to use and the possibilities are limitless. Transform your body and have fun with this full body workout.

2.  The Original Core-Cutter System is easy to use!

                         The Core-Cutter system incorporates an endless number of exercises which can be practiced and drilled anywhere. There is nothing to build or set-up. It doesn’t take up any space. Set your own pace and stay within your limits.  The workouts are a symmetrical and balanced 360 degree rotations and circular patterns. The workouts are performed on many planes, giving you limitless possibilities.

      The exercises and drills I created strengthen and develop your abdominal wall. They also strengthen and develop a healthy back, which will enhance your upper torso strength. There are many exercises to give flexibility, strength, explosive power and endurance in the legs and hips.


       The system is set up so that you can choose your own exercises from several categories. The flexibility, strength and metabolic demonstrations can be viewed on this website. This system will keep your workouts challenging, varied, fun and exciting. Know your capabilities and limitations while using this self-training program. Consult a physician before training with the Core-Cutter System. Log-in daily to this website to get training tips and great workouts(Coming Soon). Regardless of your chosen sport, I truly believe this system has something for everyone at any age, professional or amateur.

3. Let’s talk about the Core-Cutter System as a full body workout!

The Core-Cutter System does not just strengthen the muscles alone, but develops the joints and tendon strength. These exercises work your muscles in 360 degrees. This system allows the user to apply resistance in a circular manner, developing flexibility, strength and metabolic conditioning. The following are some of the benefits which can be gained by using the system.



                                       ·         Flexibility

                                       ·         Core stability

                                       ·         Overall Strength

                                       ·         Metabolic Conditioning

                                       ·         Blood Flow

                                       ·         Posture

                                       ·         Agility and Balance

                                       ·         Joint Integrity

                                       ·         Range of Motion

                                       ·         Resistance to Injury

Take the first step, which is always the hardest. Be smart, Train smart, and transform your body. Proper breathing and relaxation are the keys to success in this system. Your quest for improvements in all of the above areas begins with your ability to make a lifestyle change and commit to develop real core power. What does all of this mean to you? This means a total improvement of your sports performance capabilities or fitness levels.