Meet Lynn Schutz


Lynn Schutz has been involved in Martial Arts since the age of 10. He has always been open to studying different styles of traditional eastern and western martial arts from an early age. He has been a very influential and sought after trainer to many Top Ten UFC fighters, Lynn Schutz helped lead a few infamous names to stardom. He helped prepare them for the very first “Ultimate Fighter Show” and the helping catapult their names to “Top Ten” status in the UFC.
He was the former head Coach for AKA (American Kick Boxing Academy) for eight years. He is devoted and dedicated to his art and his students, exemplified by never missing a single fighter training session in eight years. He continues to lead by evolving daily, and pushing the professional limits. He thinks outside the box. He is passionate about developing new talent. He has a very special talent for reaching and bringing out the best in people. He challenges you to challenge yourself, day in, day out.

The following are a few of Lynn’s Quotes and words he lives by: “If you are going to think at all, then Think Big, then Think Bigger!” “Set attainable daily goals, and the larger goals will all fall into place!”. “Talent and Potential mean absolutely nothing, unless you are willing to take these fundamental attributes and combine them with discipline, sacrifice and a relentless work ethic!”