When I started with Schutz Martial Arts Academy, I was only a jiu-jitsu guy! Coach Lynn helped me put all the pieces together, and he gave me my own style! Coach Lynn took what I had and he made it better! If I didn’t have him in my corner, I would not be competing. He is the mastermind behind the bouts, he comes up with the game plans and I execute them! I am honored to have a great Coach like Lynn! I remember watching Coach Lynn train Cain Velasquez at AKA, and I thought to myself ” I wish he was my coach”. When I got the opportunity to start training with him I jumped on it! Nothing has happened over night for us, lots of hard work, will, and determination have paid off! His system is geared to get you in great shape and teach you crucial basics that you could build off of! Lynn is very patient and gentle in his teaching approach, which was important for me to grow! Lynn is really inspiring he is an amazing shape; I hope I look as good as he does when I’m his age! In closing, not only has Lynn Schutz become my sensei and a great instructor, but he has become a confidant and friend. I look forward to the future on and off the mat with him.

Carlos M. Chavez